2015 / 2 March

Using Maven to escape dependency nightmares

Ever spend hours and hours trying to configure your environment by copying and re-copying JARs  into your project? I have. For the longest time I was too stubborn to use Maven for small development projects or test-projects. My thinking was “why make things more complex when they don’t need to be? ”  Oh boy, was I wrong. I could have saved a lot of my time if I just allowed myself to get out of my comfort zone and use Maven.  It’s a breeze to set up and will make development feel easier than it feels when switching from DoTa 2 to League Of Legends (cheapshot)

Issues solved by using maven: (Root cause is pretty much the same – jar issues)

  • Bad Build Issues
    • JAR mismatch errors
    • JAR version inconsistencie
    • Unsupported Class Version errors
  • Save Time by eliminating redundant tasks
  • Rapid prototyping


Maven will basically pull in all your dependencies automatically, and most of the time all you need to do is copy paste a few lines of xml into a file already given to you. I’ll go over that later, first let’s set up Maven for your environment.  I’m going to try and make things sound as basic as possible since these posts are geared toward new developers.

Maven can be used directly through the command line, or as a plugin via Eclipse. Both are fine, and I’ll show you guys how to do both.

If you want to use maven through command line, check out this quick’N’easy installation guide I wrote here:

However, if you’re already working with Eclipse, there is no reason you can’ just use the maven plug-in to make life a bit easier. You most likely already have maven included with your eclipse download, if not:

  •  Go to Help -> Eclipse Marketplace and look for m2e. Click “Maven Integration for Eclipse” and then install.

Alright, so let’s say you downloaded a Maven project from somewhere, you cal build the project easily. Every maven project has an associated pom.xml file (which I initially read as porn.xml..sigh)  This is basically what maven uses to pull in your dependencies. Developers use edit the pom in accordance to what dependencies are needed for THEIR project. These dependencies will be pulled down from a common maven repository online, hence allowing for consistent and correct JARs being used. This eliminates various JAR mismatch issues.

To build the project, you can do either one of the following

  • Command Line :  CD to to your project where the pom.xml is located —> type “mvn package”
    • You’ll see the build process run with either a “BUILD SUCCESSFUL” or “BUILD FAILED” message at the end



  • Eclipse: File –> Import –> Maven –> Existing Maven Project —> Navigate to the folder that contains your pom.xml and import
    • Eclipse should build your project. Under your resources you should see a Maven Dependencies sub folder which will contain all the JARs defined in the pom.xml



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